Information leaflets

An information leaflet is a PDF document you can send to a service userClosed A person who is seeking care or advice from a service provider via video call. A service user may be a patient, client, consumer, citizen, or similar. to help them attend their video call appointment. It provides:

  • an overview of how video calling will be used for their appointment

  • the link to the waiting area you want them to attend

  • information about the equipment needed

  • instructions for joining the video call

  • links to troubleshooting articles.

Each waiting area has a default information leaflet, which you can download and send to service users via the video call management console. For more information, see Download an information leaflet.

Customising information leaflets

If the information you need to send to your service users differs from the default information normally populated by the system, you can create:

  • a customised leaflet, based on the default leaflet or on one of our leaflet templates (see Types of information leaflets), or

  • your own PDF document containing the relevant information. For example, an appointment letter that includes the video call details.

You can upload your customised file to the video call management console, where it will replace the default leaflet for the waiting area. For more information, see Customise information leaflets.

Types of information leaflets

You can access the range of information leaflets and templates shown in the table below from Resources for service users.  



Customisable fields


Your service's logo in the header.

  • Waiting area name

  • Waiting area link

  • Troubleshooting or contact links


No logo in the header. You can add one to the front page.


Over 30 languages available. If you would like your language added, Contact support.

Easy read

Simple, jargon-free language, shorter sentences, and supporting images to explain the video call process. Suitable for service users with limited literacy.



Colourful, comic-book style, with short, simple explanations of the video call process. Suitable for helping children prepare for a video call appointment.