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A person sitting on a couch. They are using a mobile device to attend an appointment.

Appointment steps

Everything you need to know about preparing for your video call

A person sitting on a couch, using a mobile device. The mobile device displays a button called Enter Waiting Area. A clock shows that it is five minutes before the person's scheduled appointment time.

Begin appointment

Steps for joining, participating in, and leaving your video call

A person using a mobile device to attend a video call. A question mark appears, to indicate that the person may need some help with their call.


Things to check if you have trouble making video calls

Need more help?

For technical assistance in using the video call platform, see our Troubleshooting pages.

For health or other assistance, contact:

  • your service provider, such as your general practitioner, healthcare professional, or pension provider, or

  • the department or clinic that arranged your appointment.